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Golden Slipper Festival Visitor Research

Context: The Golden Slipper is one of Australia’s premier race carnivals. The Sydney Turf Club contracted Micromex Research to assist in attaining a better understanding of visitors to the Carnival.

Objectives: The primary objectives of this research were:

  • Identifying attendance/non attendance characteristics
  • Identifying the key drivers for visitor attendance
  • Better understanding the value that visitors derived from attending
  • Analysing the STC’s/events’ branding
  • Identifying the perceived target market for the event and the visitors’ perceptions of their fit within this profile
  • Identifying the gaps between the visitors’ ‘current race day experiences’ and ‘ideal race day experiences’
  • Improving the targeting of marketing communications to increase visitation
  • Identifying additions to the event that would make visitation more valuable
  • Developing a demographic snapshot of attendees and identifying demographic trends that may impact on visitation

Challenge: Interviewing visitors as they exit a racecourse is not an ideal methodology in which to get quality information. Visitors were therefore recruited as they entered the racecourse and conducted an online survey 3 days after their trip to the races.

Methodologies: In depth face to face interviews, online research and focus groups were utilised for this study.

Examples of other research Micromex has conducted for the Sydney Turf Club:

  • Member and non member research
  • Visitor tracking studies
  • Competitive analysis

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