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Over the years the Micromex team has worked for clients across a range of different industries, including FMCG manufacturers, Quick Service Restaurants, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Supermarket, Specialty Retailers, Alcohol, Automotive, IT, Consumer Electronics and Leisure.

As a full service Market Research Organisation, Micromex has experience addressing the following research challenges:

  • Branding & Positioning
    Identifies who your consumers are, what makes them tick and what your brand means to them, which will enable you to explore and measure opportunities for growth and new product development
  • Branding and Advertising Tracking
    Identifies the longitudinal performance of your brand and communications, enabling you to assess the efficacy and impact of your marketing communication in the marketplace
  • Shopper and Retail
    Identifies how you can maximise your brand sales, drive category growth, and build synergistic relationships with your retail partners
  • Sponsorship Evaluation
    Identifies the saliency and impact your sponsorship has, which allows you to measure the ROI that your sponsorship provides
  • New Product Development
    The innovation journey starts with the identification of an opportunity and ends with the introduction of a new product
  • Pricing Research
    How much can you charge for your products and services? If you or your competitor changes a pricing strategy, what impact will it have on the dynamic of the market?
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
    How well is your offer delivering to the needs of your customers? What are the components that actively drive and increase brand loyalty?
  • Employee Satisfaction Research
    Allows an honest interaction between management and employees
  • Communication/Advertising Evaluation
    Are you cutting through? What are the messages your target market is taking out of your communications? Are there opportunities to tweak or optimise your communications to drive clarity and better appeal to the market place?
  • Brand Health Tracking
    We longitudinally monitor the performance of your brand within a whole of market context, to understand the impact that both internal and external forces have on the health of your brand
  • Ethnographic Research
    Lets you immerse yourself in the life of your consumers, what is their story?

    • Property/development
    • Meetings and Events
    • Education
    • Local/State/Federal Government

Commercial Market Research Solutions

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At Micromex we provide our clients with both qualitative and quantitative research solutions, driven by our highly experienced people and alongside the real benefit of our own in-house CATI centre and Australia wide field interview team.

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