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Who is Micromex

Micromex Research and Consulting, a division of Micromex Systems Pty Ltd, was established in 1986 and is 100% Australian owned. From its humble beginnings as a market and community research provider on the Central Coast of NSW, Micromex now has offices in Sydney and Brisbane, and spans all aspects of market research, community and stakeholder consultation services. Micromex also leverages its in-house call centre and nation-wide field service team to deliver great value field solutions to selected research partners.

Why Use Micromex

  • We are a full service offer, with our own field services team
  • All projects are led by a director
  • We have an extensive range of research experience
  • We have specialist consultation experts on staff
  • We are small enough to be nimble, but big enough to service your needs
  • We are passionate – never underestimate the importance of enthusiasm

Our Vision

Engaging customers, community and stakeholders to deliver inspiring outcomes and drive tangible actions.

Our Credo


  • For ourselves and our colleagues
  • For our clients, their customers and communities
  • For our environment

Micromex delivered regression tools

“Micromex delivered regression tools that provided another level of analysis that answers the perennial question that comes from managers about what they need to do with the information”

Community Engagement Manager,
Bankstown City Council

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