Politics and sports

Politics and Sports

Here at Micromex we are interested in a variety of community issues, including politics and sports. In early 2018 we conducted a survey with nearly 1400 NSW residents regarding the government’s plans to rebuild Allianz Stadium at Moore Park and ANZ Stadium at Sydney Olympic Park.

Our survey found that approximately 70% of respondents were not supportive of the plan, that would cost around $2.5 Billion and take approximately 3 years to complete for each stadium.

At the time of the survey the NSW Government (a coalition of the NSW Liberal and National Parties) had not confirmed whether or not it would proceed with the rebuilding of the two new stadiums, however results showed just over a third of respondents who identified as supporting the Coalition would be less willing to vote for Ms Berejiklian’s government if it followed through on plans to build new stadiums. Conversely, just 7% would have been more likely to vote for them.

These results demonstrate the impact that major public works can have on voters and are a great example of how important it is for politicians and community leaders to have their fingers on the pulse.

The below infographic outlines the full findings of the survey, which were reported on by the Sydney Morning Herald.

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