Moraitis Tomatoes


Moraitis Tomatoes

Context: Over the last few years, the tomato category has broadened to include more ‘exotic’ and ‘exclusive’ product varieties.

Moraitis commissioned research to obtain a clear understanding of the current shopper/consumer needs, attitudes and behaviours toward the tomato category.

Objectives: Broadly, the objectives of the research were to provide the Moraitis category with leading insights regarding tomato consumers/shoppers, specifically in terms of:

  • Attitudes and perceptions towards the tomato category
  • Drivers/barriers of category purchase/usage
  • Awareness and consideration of different varieties and new SKUs
  • Critical product drivers – quality, flavour, meal type, etc.
  • Current tomato category behaviour
  • Purchasing – location, frequency, $ and outlet choice driver
  • Usage – when, why, what, where and how of preparation and consumption

Methodologies: Micromex employed a two stage research approach to address the research objectives.

  • A series of focus groups with consumer homework tasks (category shopping and cooking with new SKUs) to explore their attitudes and behaviour
  • Online surveys with main grocery buyers across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to provide robust category measures and understandings

Outcomes: Moraitis was able to identify and leverage on a series of opportunities, as well as consolidate the retailers’ perception of Moraitis as a category expert.

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