ACT Community Consultation


ACT Community Consultation

Micromex Research was contracted for a period of 3 years to conduct a bi-annual (twice yearly) survey of ACT residents.

Objectives: The research objectives were to:

  • Develop key benchmarks to allow for tracking of community attitudes.
  • Assess and establish the community’s priorities and satisfaction in relation to ACT Government activities, services and facilities.
  • Identify the community’s overall level of satisfaction with the ACT Government’s performance.

Challenge: The ACT Government’s service provision is extremely broad and inclusive of such diverse services as bus services, health, roads and cemeteries. The challenge was to design a survey instrument that was inclusive of the broad service offering but able to cut through and meet the objectives of the research.

Methodologies: In order to carry out this important research, Micromex utilised a combination of depth face to face interviews, focus groups, online research and telephone surveys.

Outcomes: Upon identification of the community’s perceptions that specific areas of service delivery were underperforming, the ACT Government implemented a service review program. This program included improvements in service delivery, as well as an improvement in the communication to residents of the services delivered by the department.

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